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Playa del Carmen

In the heart of the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen was once a fishing town people passed through on their way to Cozumel Island. Today, the global culture of its well-traveled Fifth Avenue offers clear evidence that Playa del Carmen has become one of the most famous tourist destinations in Mexico.



Until 2013, Quintana Roo was the Mexican state known as home to the largest number of people of different nationalities, mostly concentrated in Playa del Carmen, providing a delightful combination of the subtleties of a small village with the cultural diversity contributed by people from all over the world.

Strolling down Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen is fun any time of day, be it morning, afternoon or — especially — at dusk. The steady expansion of its Fifth Avenue to reach four miles in length brings its New York namesake to mind. Day after day, visitors drawn to the sea are welcomed by the sound of the ocean’s endless waves echoing the music played in town, the hustle and bustle and the buzz of the hundreds of languages ​​spoken, the endless souvenir shops, and a large variety of bars and restaurants.



Sites like Paradise Beach and Playa Maromas, among other natural works of art, feature the natural beauty of this destination with its unmistakable turquoise colors —the indelible mark of the Caribbean Sea— where tourists enjoy quiet rest and relaxation. Everywhere you turn there are beaches and multiple ways to discover this tropical paradise, be it on foot, on a bicycle or in a jeep. One of this destination’s natural attractions is the second largest reef system in the world known as Maya Reef.

When the sun goes down and the stars set the scene, Playa del Carmen’s main corridor comes alive with a spectacular nightlife in its Bohemian bars, excellent restaurants serving local and international cuisine, and dance halls packed with the tourists and locals coming together to enjoy the town’s party atmosphere.



For those who would rather get away from the buzz, Playa del Carmen also has smaller side streets away from the hustle and bustle with lovely open air coffee and ice cream shops where guests can sit to enjoy the nice sea breeze blowing gently on the streets.

There is always a party going on in this charming beach destination, beginning with the Playa del Carmen Carnival held every year in January on the unforgettable beach that witnessed its birth many years ago. Other celebrations include the Feast of the Virgin of Carmen, in July, and the Tequila Expo, held in August, featuring a wide selection of tequilas and typical Mexican cuisine served along Fifth Avenue for everyone to enjoy. Let yourself go as you enjoy the sea breeze and the multicultural festivities found on the streets of Playa del Carmen and its famous Fifth Avenue.


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