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Bridges are better than walls! Especially this bridge!

Tijuana Airport to San Diego is now a five-minute walk


Some people these days think that when it comes to borders, we need to build longer and higher walls:

From the sky, borders look different.
See our campaign, "Shattering Stereotypes"


At Aeromexico, we are more excited about the bridges between Mexico and the U.S., especially the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) pedestrian bridge from Tijuana International Airport to San Diego's Otay Mesa.

CBX is a much better option to get to Mexico from Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Incessantly long wait times on both sides of the San Diego border crossing, unpredictable traffic congestion, and either baking in your vehicle or roasting in the smoldering sun while waiting in the pedestrian line are all things of the past — CBX changes crossing the Mexican border from an exhausting commute to a casual stroll. Literally.

CBX consists of a terminal on the U.S. side of the border and a 390-foot enclosed pedestrian sky bridge, accessible only with a boarding pass, allowing you to walk above and across the United States–Mexico border. With CBX, Tijuana is now the world's first true bi-national airport with terminals physically located in two countries.

Use the time-saving CBX skybridge to fly out of Tijuana International Airport directly to 9 Mexican destinations (and 40 more by connecting in Mexico City) without worrying about border crossing delays that often lead to missed flights. If you're heading to Central or South America, hope on a flight to Mexico City and connect via a shorter route, compared to changing planes in Texas or points further east. 


San Diego Border Crossing project

Digital rendering of an aerial view of CBX in San Diego and the CBX skywalk.

How does it work?

From San Diego to Tijuana Airport

Arriving at CBX on the San Diego side is a breeze with 900 public parking spaces, passenger pick-up and drop-off zones, and areas exclusively for buses, taxis, and Uber drivers.

Once inside, check in at automated kiosks or at desks attended by Aeromexico and other carriers. There is a sports bar, VIP lounge, coffee shop, a sit-down restaurant, a duty-free shop and U.S. Customs and Immigration inspection facilities.

If you didn't buy your ticket here on aeromexico.com, buy your ticket at CBX ticket counters and enter the enclosed skywalk. In a few minutes you reach Mexican passport control —where you can get your tourist card for Mexico— and Mexican customs. Then walk through a door and you are in the Tijuana Airport main terminal, a modern, secure facility. There is ample shopping and dining both before and after security in Tijuana. There is duty free shopping and a Salon Premier lounge for qualifying members.

From Tijuana Airport to San Diego

On your trip back after landing in Tijuana, CBX is located at the end of the luggage claim area. Cross over to the U.S. side using the skybridge, clear U.S. Customs and Immigration and then exit the terminal directly onto American soil. If you need tranportation there are many options. You can:

  • Rent a car
  • Take a bus to San Ysidro which connects to points throughout California
  • Take a bus, Uber or taxi to the San Diego Trolley
  • Take an Uber or taxi to Downtown San Diego or elsewhere

Access to the CBX facilities are made available up to a full 24 hours before departure times for all travelers and tickets to the skybridge costs 16 USD or the equivalent in Mexican pesos with a 20% discount for minors. You may purchase tickets through aeromexico.com or by calling our Contact Center



If Tijuana makes you think of striped burros and tequila shots, you should know that this city is now one of Mexico's hottest places to visit, with hip culinary and arts scenes, beautiful coastal scenery, and a wine country — the Valle de Guadalupe — that rivals Northern California. Surprised? Visit Tijuana on your outbound or inbound journey. Click below for our best recommendations from Aeromexico's guide for traveler inspiration, Caminos.

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