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Name your own price and upgrade to Clase Premier

Aeromexico invites you to experience the benefits of flying in Clase Premier. If you've already purchased your ticket, you have the option of treating yourself to a more comfortable seat in business class by following these easy steps:

  1. Enter your information into the form below
  2. Choose your bid price for an upgrade
  3. Enter your debit or credit card details
  4. Verify the information and confirm your bid



Aeromexico will send you an email to the address provided with your reservation, inviting you to submit a bid for an upgrade. If you meet the requirements and qualify for a selected flight, you can enjoy the many benefits of flying in Clase Premier:

  • Larger seats with more legroom
  • An international culinary experience
  • Priority boarding


Click here for the program’s Terms and Conditions.

We encourage you to read our FAQ for answers to your questions and concerns regarding upgrades in business class.