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Frequently Asked Questions about the Upgrade Program

1. What exactly is the option to bid for an upgrade to Clase Premier?
Aeromexico offers you the opportunity to upgrade to Clase Premier (business class) for an enhanced in-flight experience. To participate in this program, you must have:

  • Purchased an Economy Class ticket
  • A valid email address
  • An eligible fare

Passengers who meet these requirements on selected flights will receive an email invitation to the address provided in their original reservation to bid for an upgrade.

2. How does the bid process work?
If there are seats available in Clase Premier on a given flight, passengers will receive an email prior to departure inviting them to submit their bid for an upgrade. Passengers agreeing to participate will be redirected to the upgrade opt-in page on the Aeromexico website, where they must decide how much they are willing to pay for the upgrade on a particular route or segment.

Once the bid has been placed on the aeromexico.com upgrade page, the passenger will then receive a confirmation email with the receipt of the bid.

Passengers with a winning bid will be charged the amount they offered, plus all applicable taxes. Passengers that do not win an upgrade bid will not be charged and will travel with their original reservation.

3. Are all of my flights eligible?
All flights with a Clase Premier cabin are eligible, subject to availability. Passengers will receive an email with information on the flight segment featuring upgrade availability.

4. Can I offer different amounts for each flight segment?
You are free to offer as much or as little as you like for each flight segment.

5. What happens if I bid for an upgrade but don’t win?
If you don’t get the upgrade, you will receive an informational email in this regard up to four hours prior to departure. Your debit or credit card will not be charged, and you will travel with your original reservation.

6. I received an email informing me that I did not get the upgrade. Can I bid again?
Passengers that receive this email may not submit another bid for the flight segment.

7. Can I raise or lower my previous bid?
Passengers may only submit higher bid amounts than those previously offered. If their bid has not been accepted, they cannot bid again on that flight segment. 

8. Will I earn miles as a Club Premier Member?
You will only accrue miles applicable to your original ticket, and not as a Clase Premier ticket.

9. If I win an upgrade, will I be entitled to the same baggage allowance benefits offered to passengers traveling in Clase Premier?

If you win an upgrade, you will enjoy access to all of the benefits provided in the Clase Premier Baggage Allowance Policy

10. What are the advantages of flying in Clase Premier?
Aeromexico passengers traveling in Clase Premier enjoy the following benefits:

  • Greater seat comfort and legroom
  • Premier counter check-in
  • Priority boarding and deplaning
  • Priority baggage handling
  • Clase Premier baggage allowance
  • Special menu choices (on certain routes)


11. I received an email inviting me to bid for an upgrade for travel in Clase Premier but would rather use my miles. What should I do?

You should contact the Club Premier Customer Service hotline.

12. Can I choose my seat if I win an upgrade?
You may select your seat through our Web Check-in service, subject to availability, once you receive confirmation of your upgrade to Clase Premier.

Or, you can also reserve your seat by calling our Customer Service Center at 5133-4000 within the greater Mexico City area, or our toll-free number 01 (800) 021-4000 from other points in Mexico.

13. Can I bid a single amount for all of my flight segments combined?
No, you must bid for each flight segment separately.

14. Can I still use Web Check-in if I win an upgrade?
Yes, once your upgrade is confirmed, you can use our online Web Check-in service up to two hours prior to departure. Just remember that the Web Check-in option for domestic flights is available 48 hours prior to departure, and 24 hours prior to international flight departures.

15. Who should I contact if I have any questions, complaints or feedback?
Please send your questions, concerns and complaints regarding Clase Premier business class upgrade program to amventasascensos@aeromexico.com.

16. What do the colored bars found in the bidding process represent?

  • The red bar represents low availability, making the upgrade highly unlikely.
  • The yellow bar means that your bid is lower than recent successful bids, making the upgrade unlikely.
  • The green bar means that your bid is within the range of recent, successful bids, thereby suggesting your upgrade bid was competitive and has a higher likelihood of being accepted.
  • The dark green bar means that you have submitted a good offer, making the upgrade highly likely, although this is not guaranteed.

17. What criteria does Aeromexico use to approve an upgrade to Clase Premier?
Upgrades depend on seat availability and all other submitted bids.

18. Must I pay an additional fee to participate in this program?
Participation in the upgrade program is free of charge; however, if you do win an upgrade, you must pay the bid amount offered, plus all applicable taxes.

19. Do the original ticket rules apply to my upgrade?
All of your original ticket fare rules apply to the upgrade, such as maximum and minimum stay requirements, changes, cancelations, penalties, and refunds.

20. What happens if I have to cancel a flight with an upgrade seat due to personal reasons?
Your upgrade to Clase Premier will be canceled if you cancel your trip. All upgrade amounts paid on trips canceled for personal reasons are non-refundable. 

21. What happens if the flight for which I won an upgrade is canceled?
If your flight is canceled, we will try to reroute you with an upgrade on another flight. However, we will refund your upgrade if there are no seats available in Clase Premier.

22. Several passengers are traveling under the same reservation, but I only want to apply for upgrades for some of us. Can I do this?
Bids for upgrades must be submitted for the entire party traveling under the same reservation, so you must include all passengers booked under such.

23. When will the upgrade charge be made to my credit card?
Your card will be charged once your upgrade is confirmed. Your card will not be charged if the upgrade to Clase Premier is not confirmed.