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Shattering Stereotypes

Travel shows us that around the world, things are different than our preconceptions, and no one can make that happen better than an airline like us. That’s why we want to show you what’s real. We believe in first-hand experiences and invite our passengers to abandon their illusions and create their own memories by traveling the world.

Instead of assuming what you heard about a place is true, why not experience the destination on your own terms? We dare you to go there and form your own opinion.

The same goes for your ideas about Aeromexico — instead of assuming we’re just like every other airline, fly with us and find out!

Don’t take someone else’s word for something when you can experience it yourself!

We are changing. We are innovating. We are creating a brand-new travel experience and we invite you to join us in our quest to shatter stereotypes and prejudices. Let us show you that what's different — we are different.