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You only go to Cancun for Spring Break!


Experience the secret side of Cancun with ancient Mayan ruins, nature excursions, and private beaches


Think about Cancun.

Do all-night ragers at clubs filled past capacity with eager co-eds, throbbing with relentless earsplitting bass and whistle-bearing shot-jockeys liberally pouring booze down human tequila luges come to mind? Then there’s a side to Cancun that you’ve yet to discover.

Although Cancun’s reputation as a party destination is well-suited, there is a lesser known face of the mega-popular Caribbean destination that caters to those looking for a serene getaway. And with its close proximity to many other Riviera Maya attractions, Cancun makes for an ideal retreat with a seemingly endless buffet of beachside destinations.

The Temple of Descending God, Tulum



Located about 90 minutes southwest from Cancun, Tulum is a tiny pueblo best known as the site of immaculately preserved Mayan ruins. The archeological marvel is situated on 40 foot tall cliffs, giving visitors a dramatic and inimitable vantage point of the coastline. A self-guided tour will set you back a mere 3.50 USD and private tours are available for an additional fee.

Although the archeological ruins are, undeniably the main attraction, the beaches of Tulum offer remarkable snorkeling. We suggest you reserve your spot aboard one of the many daily charters upon arrival at the center of the village, before making your way down to the beach. Once booked, a guide will direct you to one of the many beaches along the coastline where a boat will take you out into the open waters tour of the Tulum ruins. After the quick “did you know” the captain will drop anchor near the second-largest coral reef in the world where visitors can interact with the wildly-diverse marine life.

Secluded beach, Playa del Carmen


Playa del Carmen

Known locally as simply Playa, this third-largest city in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo is the ideal harmony of beach village and cosmopolitan coastal destination.

The nucleus of this paradise is La Quinta - 5th avenue - where visitors can spend hours strolling up and down admiring the street performers that are peppered between charming artisanal souvenir shops and mom-and-pop seafood joints. La Quinta is the pulse of this picturesque beach town.

Serenity in Playa can be found in spades with yoga classes on the beach or paddle boarding in the caribbean being the norm. Or simply take a stroll down the beach, stopping to get a brocheta de camaron (grilled marinated shrimp skewers) for less than 2 USD from any one of the carts slowly making their way down the coastline.

So, before you decide to write off Cancun as a “party-only” destination, come and experience the serene side of the Caribbean with our daily flights to Cancun.