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80 years old and we’ve never felt better!

After eight decades in the air we remain the most modern airline in Latin America

Our level of service, cutting-edge fleet, and user-friendly website are a few of the reasons that set us apart from our competition. We are continuously evolving so that we can confidently provide you with the best possible flying experience.

Our Fleet: Modern. Safe. Comfortable. Superior Onboard Experience.

Remaining on the frontline of innovation requires commitment. That’s the reason why, in 2012, we reached an 11 billion dollar agreement with Boeing giving us the keys to 100 brand new aircraft, including the Dreamliner 787-8 and 787-9. An investment of this magnitude in our fleet is a groundbreaking and unprecedented initiative for not just Mexico, but for any world-class airline.

As a result of this investment, we are the first airline in Latin America to take to the skies in the most modern aircraft in the world, the Boeing Dreamliners. Our fleet makes us a major player in the aeronautical industry worldwide and provides an unprecedented onboard experience for our passengers.

In the spirit of providing the most authentic Mexican hospitality from the moment you board, all of our seasonal inflight dining menus have been designed by world-famous Mexican chef Enrique Olvera.

The New Aeromexico.com and Application: Convenience, Speed and Inspiration

Better tech means a better way to book and a better way to fly. That’s why we’ve dedicated 2016 to launching the most advanced booking interfaces on the market.

This year, an incredibly different and better online experience awaits. We’re pleased to announce the release of a brand-new and completely redesigned aeromexico.com. With easier and faster booking and check-in, travel will be a breeze. And with your own Aeromexico account, you won’t need to constantly be updating your preferences, personal details, and flight history. The all-new aeromexico.com will revolutionize the way you travel with us.

But it doesn’t stop there - we’re enhancing everything on Mobile as well. Yes, there will be a new Aeromexico mobile app. Book a flight, upgrade to our Business Class Cabin, Clase Premier, sign up for check-in and flight status push notifications or find your way from anywhere in the airport to your gate using the airport maps feature. All in one spot! Convenient, efficient and personalized to your travel needs.

No phone? No computer? No worries! We are adding new Aeromexico kiosks at the airports where you can check-in, select your seat, print boarding passes, and purchase seat upgrades and trip extras.

Connected at 30,000 feet

We know how important staying connected is to you.

We are the only airline in Mexico that offers inflight internet connectivity. Our 787-8 and, upon delivery, our 787-9 Dreamliners offer broadband WiFi provided by Panasonic.

Additionally, in 2015, we teamed up with Gogo inc. to install a brand-new aeronautical WiFi technology known as 2Ku. This internet service is considered the fastest and most reliable technology available aboard any aircraft and will be available on our Boeing 737-800 in 2016. We are proud to be the first airline in the world to offer this service as an onboard amenity for our passengers.

In 2016, GoGo Vision, another online internet service, will be added to 25 of our aircraft. Including our Embraer 90, 170, and 190 as well as our Boeing 737-700. GoGo Vision functions thanks to an internal server aboard each aircraft with the capability to support streaming video directly on your tablet or smartphone.

In addition to onboard connectivity, we offer a comprehensive suite of in-flight entertainment. Our rotating library of TV series, movie titles, and music channels makes for the most enjoyable flying experience around. 

We are committed to our continued evolution in accordance with market trends and demands as well, as being aeronautical vanguards prepared to pioneer brand new technology. We strive to remain your airline of choice thanks to our dedication to progression.