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Mexicans are Macho


Most Mexicans will tell you the home of Tequila and Mariachi is full of machos like most traditional colonial cities. But Mexico is changing, and the change can be felt in the extraordinary culinary arts scene spreading across the country, from Mexico City to Guadalajara.

Today, Guadalajara's young chefs are introducing dishes from all over the world, while exploring cooking techniques of Mexico's past. New ingredients and pairings consistently emerge to satisfy a palate as demanding as Guadalajara’s. The old menu favorites based on Italian and Jalisco cooking have been succeeded by a broader, more sophisticated menu and restaurant offering. While women have often been the guardians of recipes and relegated to households, across the country roles are being switched. The result: a richer reinterpretation of the country’s flavors. Warning: for a culinary experience lead by women chefs, we recommend you head off to Mexico City and try the restaurants of Monica Patiño, Elena Reygadas and Alicia Gironella De’ Angeli.


Alcalde: Seasonal dishes and local ingredients

This restaurant, run by young Guadalajara-born Chef Francisco Ruano, serves honest and unprocessed food and is quickly becoming a favorite among foodies. Set inside a quaint house on Avenida México, the bare layout allows visitors a glimpse of the kitchen (located on the second floor) and provides a sort of dinner-and-tell experience.

As you relish the seasonal dishes inspired by the local Alcade market (hence the name of the restaurant), your senses will go on a journey of new adventures. The meals you might find include spicy shrimp ceviche, green apple and jicama with seaweed and saltwort, Campari tomato salad and marinated bull heart, with cucumber, celery, and ricotta cheese, or the catch of the day with corn salad and Aztec Spinach or huauzontle, cauliflower purée and chorizo powder.


La Docena, Oyster Bar & Grill: Seafood galore

Right in the middle of the financial district on São Paulo Street, you’ll find La Docena, Oyster Bar & Grill, with their second location in Plaza Andares. Chef Tomás Bermudez, who trained in Argentina, Spain, and Japan, leads this establishment. The seafood served here comes fresh from the Pacific Coast and the Sea of Cortes and is carefully seasoned for a surprisingly full punch of flavor.

With over six varieties of oysters to pick from, it’s easy to spot the house specialty. Pair sauces of white rice vinegar or red wine with their array of oysters: San Blas, Kumamoto, Punta Abreojos, Bahía Falsa, or Laguna Manuela. Their Tatakis (meat or fish steak prepared in Japanese style) are also spectacular. Try the adobo skewered swordfish or the grilled tuna head, but call ahead of time since the availability of these dishes can vary.



Lula Bistro: French fusion cooking

With a white interior, what once was a warehouse is now the home and culinary haven of award-winning Chef Darren Walsh. With French Michelin-star restaurants and a successful restaurant in New York under his belt, Darren is the right person to revolutionize fine dining in Guadalajara.

The menu here won’t disappoint. Flavors essential to French and fusion cooking are the main influences in Walsh's creations. You will be surprised by every dish throughout the four or eight course meal, thanks to the complex cooking techniques of this award-winning chef.


Anita Li: Asian Tapatio bites

The sisters Zertuche designed this restaurant in a traditional and sophisticated manner that reflects the authentic, delicious, Asian food on its menu. Gerardo Candelas and Jorge Martínez oversee this restaurant (another former warehouse), which promises to be one of the best places to eat and party in the city.

The blend of Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese signature dishes consistently outdo themselves, resulting in a delightful experience. Tuna sashimi tostadas with Chipotle mayo, lamb burgers, jicama and shrimp tacos, and duck with tortillas, are just a few of the innovative dishes that you can expect. (These flavors will most likely promise a second visit.)



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