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Mexico City is a chaotic mess!


Not at all! Discover the green, relaxing places of Mexico City

The smog is so bad you can’t breathe or even see a billboard a block away. Nothing works, traffic is terrible and forget about getting around unless you have a private driver. The city is too big to get a grip on let alone plan a weekend trip to… WRONG!

The notorious clichés persist, but in reality, Mexico City is so much more. To dispel these preconceptions, we offer you a guide of secret and serene places in Mexico City that will make you feel like you’re in another time and place far removed from the “chaos”.


Evening in Parque Mexico, La Condesa

Parque Mexico, Condesa neighborhood - Verdant, urban strolling

At the heart of one of Mexico City’s most verdant neighborhoods is Parque Mexico. Order a strong coffee while people-watching the foreign locals and dog-watching the many canines running around the neighborhood. The park, which is really more of a garden, feels like an oasis with ample shade from flowering trees, various fountains and many loveseats for pausing to draw, whisper or simply catch up with friends.


Acres of sculpture in UNAM


UNAM’s Center for Sculpture - Art park in the natural surroundings of CDMX

If you find yourself in CDMX during the workweek, take off to the most prestigious university in Latin America - UNAM (the National Autonomous University of Mexico.) You might expect that a student body of 330,000 means chaos, but you’ll be quite surprised by what awaits. Giant, solid-colored geometric sculptures extend for acres taking on the arid landscape of volcanic rock. If you’re looking for a selfie spot or a picnic location, this is the place to visit.


Once home to an emperor and the presidents of Mexico, Chapultepec Castle

Chapultepec Park - An unexpected mix of forest, museums and a castle

Guidebooks tell you this park is three times the size of Central Park. Once a vacation spot for the Aztec tribe, this park is topped off with an imperial castle once inhabited by an occupying Emperor from Austria in the 19th century and later Mexico’s modernizing dictator Porfirio Diaz, who was ousted during the Mexican Revolution. The park is full of interesting and bizarre turns and twists, all accessible by boat or on foot. Relax in the “Audiorama” a tranquil place for listening to cheesy spa music that is also said to be the entrance to inferno.


Take off down the cobblestoned streets of San Angel


"Bazaar Sábado" in San Ángel - A journey into the colonial past

If you find yourself attracted to cobblestone streets, brightly colored walls climbing with bougainvilleas and colonial mansions there is no better place than a quick visit to Bazaar Sabado ("Saturday bazaar") artisan fair and a walking tour of the regal side streets of San Angel neighborhood. On Saturdays, the number of artisans selling crafts fill not only the main market but the traditional square as well. Set off down one of the narrow side streets to the rest of the neighborhood, acquainting yourself with the early days of Mexico City as you wander off down the skinny, varying streets behind these meeting spots.

Biblioteca de México, Historic Downtown - Far beyond books

Most of us can’t imagine spending time in a library, especially if we’re visiting a place with an extraordinary climate like Mexico. But you’ll be swept away by the beauty and elegance of this public library located near the Historic Downtown (Centro Histórico). Take a cab there after nibbling in the Mercado San Juan (known for its chef clientele). If you show up on the right day, there will be locals learning how to salsa dance in the park. Give yourself an hour to explore the various book and art collections installed throughout. Best part of all: the series of vast interior courtyards open to the sky where concerts and talks are held.

Mexico City, even with its 22 million inhabitants, is a harmonious blend of the breakneck paced day-to-day and oases of stillness peppered throughout the city. Come and experience the other side of CDMX with our daily flights to Mexico City!