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If you bought your ticket in another country, you can view your reservation here for changes to your booking. Our Call Center can also help you with your reservation changes, seat selection or to add trip extras to have a more enjoyable trip.


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Add these great Trip Extras for a more enjoyable trip

Learn more about the Extras that we have available for you, which you can add here on Manage Your Trip:

Manage Your Trip works for reservations made the following ways:

  • On the aeromexico.com sites for Mexico, the United States, Central America, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and the Dominican Republic (but not for our Canada, Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, or Asia sites)
  • With the Aeromexico mobile app
  • At Aeromexico Call Centers or our ticket offices
  • At travel agencies that use the SABRE system to manage your reservation. If your travel agency uses another system to manage your reservation, for example Amadeus or Travelport, you can review your reservation using our alternative page, Virtually There.


*Carbon Offset, available only when purchasing your ticket in Mexico