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Salón Premier Lounges

Salon Premier Lounges


Starting from April 6, enjoy our new VIP Lounge Salon Premier located in the international departures of the Internactional Mexico City Airport, Terminal 2. (Access apply only with the terms and conditions in force)

Before boarding your flight, leave your stress behind and enjoy the peace and comfort of our Salon Premier lounges. Designed to enhance your travel experience, in our lounges you can rest, relax and unwind. You’ll find Salon Premier Lounges in all of Mexico’s main airports to ensure your time on the ground is more pleasurable and productive.

Salon Premier Lounges feature a full range of amenities and services, from high-tech business centers to spas. Savor a menu of tasty canapés and for the more sophisticated palates, explore our exclusive Wine Room with our impressive selection of wines. You can even play video games in the leisure center or simply let our staff attend to your every need.

Your spirits will soar before your flight takes off! 

Airports in Mexico with Salon Premier Lounges

  • Cancún (3:00am - 2:00am)
  • Chihuahua (5:00am - 8:00pm)
  • Ciudad Juárez (4:30am - 7:30pm)
  • Culiacán (5:00am - 9:00pm)
  • Guadalajara (5:00am - 10:00pm)
  • Mérida (4:30am - 9:00pm)
  • Mexico City: Terminal 2 National (4:00am - 11:00pm)
  • Mexico City: Terminal 2 International (4:00am - 1:00am)
  • Monterrey (5:00am - 10:00pm; Mon, Thurs, Fri and Sat 5:30am - 2:30am)
  • Tijuana: (5:30am - 2/3:00 am; Sun, Tue, Fri 5:30am - 4:00am)
  • Torreón: (5:00am - 10:00pm; Mon, Fri, Sat 5:00am - 8:30pm; Sun 6:00am - 10:00pm)


Operating hours of Salon Premier Lounges are subject to change.

Amenities of Salon Premier lounges in Mexico City Airport Terminal 2:

  • Desertika Spa (consult prices in our lounge)
  • Showers
  • Café Punta del Cielo
  • Conference Rooms (also available in Monterrey)


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