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Prohibited items policy

Starting August 2015, Aeromexico prohibits the travel and transport of trophy animals

In an effort to discourage trophy hunting and poaching of endangered species, Aeromexico has adopted an official luggage policy to prohibit the transportation of endangered animals. This policy applies to both international and national flights.

We believe this is an important step towards respecting both the rights of animals and the environment. The negative effects of hunting and poaching endangered species are a problem for everyone, and are not limited to the local habitat or environment. We hope that our efforts, in conjunction with other airlines, including Delta Air Lines, will make an impact and prove to be beneficial towards the cause of ending these unethical practices.


Hoverboards and similar devices also prohibited

  • Aeromexico does not permit the carriage of self-balancing devices such as Hoverboards, Airboards, Oxboards, E-skates, Waveboards, Urunners, Segway Boards or other similar devices with lithium or lithium-ion batteries. They are banned from transportation as carry-on luggage, checked baggage, and cargo. 
  • Aeromexico has determined that certain items with lithium or lithium-ion batteries pose a fire hazard on board, as lithium batteries can spontaneously overheat without a short circuit. These batteries can pose a fire hazard due to them being damaged, poor design, improper installation, or as they cannot be removed from the devices which they power.

Note: These items are NOT considered assistive devices for people with disabilities.