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Special Luggage | Human Remains

Human Remains



Non-incinerated or exhumed:

  • Coffin should be covered with fiberboard (new and waxed).
  • Must provide original shipment documentation.
  • Coffin should have wooden base with handles.

Incinerated human remains, cremated or ashes:

  • Urn should be placed in a cardboard or wooden box.
  • Should have damping material.


Consult with the authorities at destination or in transit for specific requirements for transport.


  • Flowers or plants are not allowed to remain inside the coffin, for they will be incinerated upon arrival and shipper may be subject to a fine.
  • Reused cardboard is not allowed.
  • The shipment must not emit foul odors.


In Mexico, a Valid ID must be presented when sending or receiving a shipment.

The requirements posted on this website are subject to change without notice.

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