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TSA PreCheck® saves you valuable time for a more streamlined airport experience.

Passing through security checkpoints in the United States has never been faster or more secure.


The new TSA PreCheck® program is a pre-inspection process that allows a select group of passengers to pass through security checkpoints easier, quicker and more efficiently. The service is currently only available on flights departing from airports within the United States. All of our passengers who have are members of NEXUS, SENTRI, or have a Known Traveler Number (KTN) are eligible for the TSA PreCheck® Expedited Screening.




How does the TSA PreCheck® work?

If you are a member of the Known Traveler Program, simply enter your Known Traveler Number (KTN) when booking your flight on aeromexico.com. You may also use your Trusted Traveler membership number, known as your PASS ID, which is a nine-digit number starting with “98” located on the back of your Trusted Traveler Card. Once passengers have submitted their KTN, TSA authorites will choose which passengers will be granted faster clearance at random. 


U.S. citizens and permanent residents may apply for a Known Traveler Number directly by clicking here.

TSA PreCheck® information is embedded in the barcode from your mobile or printed boarding pass and an indicator of PreCheck® will be displayed on your boarding pass. If the TSA determines a passenger is eligible for a quick inspection by TSA security access PreCheck, the text "TSA PRE" will appear in the upper lefthand corner of your boarding pass.

Once you have registered for a flight and your PreCheck® indicator appears on your boarding pass, find the PreCheck® designated area at the airport and a TSA agent will scan the barcode and you will be directed to the Express Security Check line.


Who is eligible?

All U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents who are members of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Global Entry, active duty members of the US Armed Forces with valid credentials, US citizens, travelers with an approved TSA Application Program PreCheck® application and foreign citizens who are members of the following Trusted Traveler programs:


How do I know if I’ve been selected?

  1. Enter your KTN or PASS ID in the Known Traveler Number field during check-in on aeromexico.com or with our Manage My Trip tool after booking.

  2. Use our Web Check-In or check-in to your flight using airport kiosks or counters. If the TSA determines a passenger is eligible for a quick inspection by TSA security access PreCheck, the text "TSA PRE" will appear in the upper lefthand corner of your boarding pass.

  3. Present all of your travel documents along with your “TSA PRE” boarding pass to a TSA official who will let you know if you’ve been chosen to participate in the program. 

  4. . Due to TSA security measures, passenger selection is determined on a flight-by-flight basis. Selection is not guaranteed. 





What are the benefits?

Once becoming an approved participant of the program you can use access TSA PreCheck® at participating airports, which in addition to being faster and more efficient, you will no longer need to remove any of the following items:

  • Shoes

  • Personal electronic devices

  • 3-1-1 liquids*

  • Belts

  • Light jackets


*3 - 100 ml, or smaller, containers which fit inside of a resealable one-quart clear plastic bag.

Where is TSA PreCheck® available?

TSA PreCheck® is available at the following airports:

  • Boston (BOS)
  • Chicago (ORD)
  • Dallas (DAL)
  • Fresno (FAT)
  • Houston (IAH)
  • Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Los Angeles (LAX)
  • New York-JFK (JFK)
  • Orlando (MCO)
  • Sacramento (SMF)
  • Washington-Dulles (IAD)


At this time, TSA PreCheck® is not available at the following airports:
  • Denver (DEN)
  • Miami (MIA)
  • Ontario, California (ONT)
  • San Antonio (SAT)
  • San Francisco (SFO)