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What advantages does using Club Premier's Login in Aeroméxico.com have?

Logging in with your Club Premier account allows you to purchase tickets easier. Your personal and contact information will be completed automatically, and this saves you time during your purchase process.

I cannot login with my recently created account number.

New users created in the Club Premier portal can use their username and password from one to three days (Central Time) after creating the account.

How can I make changes to my personal and contact information saved?

Your personal information is directly stored in your Club Premier account. To make any changes, it is necessary to log in to the Club Premier portal. Changes will be reflected on the Aeromexico.com site from one to three days after modifying the information.

I changed my password and I cannot log in to Aeroméxico.com.

Any password change must be done directly and exclusively on the Club Premier portal. After making the changes, your new password will be active from one to three days in Aeromexico.com.

I do not remember my Club Premier password or account number.

Please visit our Password Recovery section so we can send your password to the registered e-mail address with Club Premier. If you modify the password, it will be active from one to three days in Aeromexico.com.

My Premier Kilometers do not match what I really have in my Club Premier account

The Aeromexico.com portal reflects your Premier Points balance for the previous day before your visit.

If you recently made a purchase with your Premier Points or accumulated Premier Points, these changes will appear in your account from one to three days after making the transaction.