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Gay travel to Mexico - Gay travel to South America

Gay travel

Let Aeromexico take you to one of the many gay-friendly destinations that we fly to. Aeromexico is a proud member of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association.

Gay vacations in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta

Gay-friendly beaches in Mexico

Of course, Mexico is most famous for its beaches. Three in particular are well-known for being gay-friendly:

  • Puerto Vallarta: the definition of a gay beach vacation and very popular with Americans and Canadians. Spend days on the gay beach at Playa de los Muertos, spend nights in the Zona Romántica with its many gay bars and clubs, walk the Malecón. Puerto Vallarta is also the airport serving the fabulous Riviera Nayarit.
  • Playa del Carmen (fly to Cancun): Playa del Carmen is upscale and popular with the "in crowd" from Mexico City. North Americans and Europeans have also caught on to Playa's hip hotels, restaurants, and bars. The nightlife overall is mixed with a strong gay presence, though there is a gay bar (and a gay beach, for that matter).

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Colonia Roma in Mexico City - street art, restaurants and cafés, and great food

Gay Mexico City

Many people still don't know that the old safety and pollution concerns are mostly issues of the past. Now the city is in full bloom with art, design, the restaurant scene, and culture. Yes, it's gigantic, but it's quite manageable for you if you focus on a single area. We suggest hip Colonia Roma and Condesa, where sidewalk cafés and the latest restaurants are housed in fin-de-siècle and art deco buildings… Read more about gay-friendly Mexico City and Mexico City's annual Gay Pride festival.


Gay Guadalajara

In the mood for a city vacation, with classic Mexican culture, historic architecture, museums, the best of Mexican cuisine, and happening gay nightlife? Then try Guadalajara: Mexico's second city, in the home state of mariachis and tequila, with a large, thriving gay scene. Explore hip Colonia Americana and the cobblestone streets of Tlaquepaque, once a separate colonial town, with cobblestone streets but a trendy atmosphere. Shop for home furnishings inspired by traditional Mexican handicrafts but reinterpreted in exciting ways. 

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Colonial Guanajuato, near León Bajío airport

Colonial cities in Mexico

For a change of pace, fly Aeromexico to Mexico's beautiful colonial cities, with charming architecture dating back as far as the 16th century. Stay in a boutique hotel, enjoy the booming art and design scenes, and enjoy the best of Mexican cuisine, whether from a market stall or a trendy restaurant. Consider:

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Havana skyline

Gay-friendly Cuba, Central America and South America

Aeromexico is also your gateway to Cuba, Central America and South America. On several routes we fly the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner so you arrive in total comfort. Take an Aeromexico flight from the United States, Canada or the UK, and make an easy connection in Mexico City airport's compact Terminal 2. Let Aeromexico take you to:

  • Havana, Cuba: now the U.S. government permits Americans who fall into one of twelve categories to travel to Cuba. And Cuba welcomes all tourists including Americans. Stay in a hotel or in any of hundreds of "casas particulares" (rooms in private houses). You'll be amazed by the colonial and 19th-century architecture, the unique economic system in transition, and the friendliness of the people. Private restaurants abound now, many with surprisingly high standards. For gay nightlife, mix with the locals hanging out on the Malecón and La Rampa, or head to the gay club. Discover Cuba now, and go to our special page to book Aeromexico flights from the United States to Mexico and from Mexico to Havana, Cuba.
  • Rio de Janeiro: Rio, Rio…need we say more? The dramatic natural setting, the beaches, the bodies, the clubs, the steak restaurants, the Brazilian smiles. Carnaval time or year-round, let Aeromexico take you there. Search for flights from the United States to Rio de Janeiro.
  • São Paulo: the other Brazilian megacity, with booming fashion, arts and design scenes, trendy restaurants, and fascinating museums such as the Afro-Brazilian Museum featuring history and art. Don't miss the local Italian cuisine. Search for flights from the United States to São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Buenos Aires: Admire the faded glory of its grand architecture, Evita's heritage, and the elegance of Recoleta. Enjoy trendy shopping, unique art and design, and innovative restaurants in Palermo. Don't forget the excellent Argentine steak and wines. Dance till dawn in the varied and happening gay nightlife scene. Combine with a side trip to Punta del Este, Uruguay, for a world-class beach scene with a major gay presence.
  • Medellin and Bogota, Colombia: Maybe these are not the first places that spring to mind when you think of a gay vacation, but they are large, modern cities in full bloom after a long period of troubles, overall quite safe to visit. These are cities bursting with art and design, museums, modern cuisine, and nightlife (gay and otherwise). Medellín is the city of eternal spring, but also of salsa. Bogotá's gay club Theatrón will amaze you — it's 10 completely different bars and clubs in a single complex. Colombia will surprise you! Search now for Aeromexico flights from the United States to Colombia.
  • Santiago, Chile: Enjoy the city sights in what is probably Latin America's most developed country, a thriving, down-to-earth gay nightlife, and a road trip to wine country ending in Valparaíso, with its brighly colored hillside houses that might remind you of San Francisco. Staying longer? Explore Chile's Lake Country or its desert scenery. Look for Aeromexico flights from the United States to Santiago, Chile.
  • Costa Rica: the classic destination to enjoy nature, whether jungle hikes or beaches, topped off with nightlife in the capital San José. Search now for Aeromexico flights from the United States to San José, Costa Rica.
  • Nicaragua: they say "Nicaragua is the next Costa Rica" with jungles, hiking, beaches, but less developed and simpler than its neighbor Costa Rica. Added bonus: the gorgeous colonial cities of León and Granada. Not really a place to come for the nightlife, but to relax and explore nature. Fly Aeromexico to Managua and discover Nicaragua.

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