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Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Designed to accommodate the travel needs of small to medium-sized businesses, Aeromexico’s Corporate Services are provided by travel experts at our Corporate Services Telephone Center. Companies who use these services enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Tickets for Aeromexico and major world airlines
  • Administration of the company’s travel policy
  • Immediate attention from highly trained staff
  • Priority delivery of publications and notice of promotions
  • Changes and adjustments to itineraries
  • Preferential treatment for high demand travel dates
  • Lines of credit (optional)
  • Ease of payment using corporate credit cards
  • Assistance in managing groups and conventions
  • Availability of charter flights
  • Membership in the Corporate Club Premier
  • Reward travel tickets
  • Direct communication with the service provider

There is no cost to use Corporate Services or to join the Corporate Club Premier Program.

Who is Corporate Services designed for?
Corporate Services helps companies that want to save money, receive quality service, feel confident when purchasing airline tickets and travel services, and that spend a minimum of $35,000 per month on Aeromexico products (conditions apply).

How does Corporate Services work?
Using Aeromexico’s Corporate Services is easy:

  1. Contact the staff at Corporate Services for information on Aeromexico products and their benefits.
  2. Advise Aeromexico whether you require a line of credit or will pay with a corporate credit card.
  3. The Aeromexico Corporate Services Account Executive will send you a copy of the conditions for participation, a master agreement and information concerning the documentation required for drawing up the contract.
  4. Return the required documentation to Corporate Services.
  5. Aeromexico will create the contract and deliver it to you for signing.

Once this process is complete, your company can manage its travel and take advantage of the benefits offered by the Corporate Services.

Credit Application

Your company can request a line of credit (subject to approval) for the purchase of air tickets and Aeromexico products. In order to draw up a contract and process the credit application, your company should provide Corporate Services with the following:
A copy of the company’s articles of incorporation
A copy of the power of attorney indicating the name of the legal representative who will sign the contract
Official identification of the company’s legal representative
Original copies of the last three bank statements (electronic statements will not be accepted) for the bank account from which checks will be issued
A copy of the company’s proof of address
A copy of the company’s federal tax ID number
Contact Us
For more information, please contact us:
Aeromexico Corporate Services Center
Telephone: +52 (55) 9132 4567
Please include your full name and a telephone number where we may contact you.