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Customer Service Plan

Aeromexico’s Commitment to the Customer

Last Update: August 18, 2011

Aeromexico® and Aeromexico Connect® (hereinafter called Aeromexico) intends to ensure that your air travel experience encompasses, to the best of our ability, the most comprehensive customer service possible. We have outlined our responsibilities and how we will fulfill them in 12 key points, known as our Commitment to the Customer.

Note: Aeromexico’s Commitment to the Customer applies to all international itineraries, for flights to and from the United States, and includes:

A. Offering the lowest fare available.

We will offer on aeromexico.com, on our telephone reservation system, at airport ticket counters, and at city ticket offices the lowest published fare for which you are eligible for the date, flight, and class of service requested. Our representatives will identify, upon request, money-saving alternative itineraries if your travel schedule is flexible.

B. Notifying consumers of known delays, cancellations, and diversions.

We will provide information regarding known delays of 30 minutes or more, cancellations, and diversions, within 30 minutes after we become aware of such changes, by:

  • Providing real-time flight status information via our website at www.aeromexico.com (Flight Status) and through our gate agents and flight crew.

  • Contacting you about cancellations when the event is known at least three hours before departure, thus averting a frustrating trip to the airport, if you provide us with contact information in your reservation, including telephone number(s) and e-mail address.

C. Delivering baggage on time.

It is Aeromexico’s intention to deliver your baggage on time. However, in the event this does not occur, we will strive to return your misplaced baggage within 24 hours. Notify an Aeromexico employee at the airport if you cannot locate your baggage. To check on the progress of your baggage search, visit our website and go to Delayed, Damaged, or Lost Baggage. Aeromexico will reimburse reasonable, interim expenses for customers whose bags have been delayed, subject to applicable liability limits. Under no circumstances will be liable for delay as the result of actions taken by the Immigration, Security, Customs, or other governmental agencies.

To better assist you with your baggage processing, we ask you to place an Identification Tag (ID) on each piece of luggage checked in. We offer these ID tags free of charge at each of our airports check- in counters.

We will attempt to contact owners of unclaimed baggage when a name and address or telephone number is available. In accordance with internationally recommended standards, after five days, unclaimed bags are sent to our Central Baggage Tracing Center (CBT) located at our headquarters in Mexico City, where continued efforts are made to locate bag owners.

D. Allowing reservations to be cancelled without penalty for a defined amount of time.

On all of our flights to or from the United States, you are allowed 24 hours to decide whether to keep your reservation or change to another flight. This rule applies if your original reservation is made one week or more prior to the selected flight’s departure date and includes all our fares.

E. Providing prompt ticket refunds.

  • Our Refund Department will process an eligible refund to the original form of payment within 7 days (credit/debit cards) or within 20 days (all other) from the date we receive your request. Depending on your card-issuing bank it may then take several business days to post the credit to your account. Based on your individual billing cycle, you will see the refund on your statement within one to two statement mailings.

For refund assistance:

  • Requests for refunds may be submitted to any Aeromexico ticketing location or your travel agent.

  • Refunds for electronic tickets may be requested by calling Customer Service at 5133-4000 in Mexico City, 01 800 021 4000 within Mexico, or 0 1 800 237 6639 within the United States and Canada.

F. Properly accommodating passengers with disabilities and other special needs, including during Tarmac delays.

Passengers with Disabilities and Other Special Needs

Accommodating the special needs of passengers with disabilities is a top priority for AeroMexico. We offer a variety of special services for such passengers, including:

  • Transportation to, from, and between gates, either by wheelchair or, in some locations, electric cart.

  • Boarding assistance.

  • Assistance for visual, auditory, cognitive, or mobility impairments while in the airport and on the plane.

  • Taking your needs into consideration during extended tarmac delays.

  • Accommodation for certain medical requirements, such as use of an approved Portable Oxygen Concentrator, or dietary needs, with proper notice in advance, by calling 1 800 237 6639. In addition we have Complaint Resolution Officials (CRO) at each of our Airport Offices to ensure compliance of services.

  • For Travelers with Disabilities, you may also consult our website at http://aeromexico.com/passengers-with-disabilities

Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) approved by the FAA:

  • AirSepFreeStyle

  • AirSepLifestyle with RTCA label

  • Delphi Evo Central Air

  • Devilbiss Healthcare iGo

  • Inogen One

  • Inogen One G2

  • Invacare XPO2

  • International Biophysics (Inova Labs) LifeChoice

  • Oxlife Independence

  • Respironics Inc. EverGo

  • SeQual Eclipse

To ensure the quality of these services and protection of customer rights, we designate Complaint Resolution Officials (CROs) at all airports, who are responsible for ensuring services are properly implemented for our customers with disabilities.

Unaccompanied Minors.

  • We accept unaccompanied minors between the ages of 5 and 13 years, 11 months. For more information, please consult our website, http://aeromexico.com/unaccompanied-minors

  • Our policies ensure the safety and well-being of unaccompanied minors including:

  1. Taking good care of your child during his or her flight and not releasing a minor traveling alone to anyone other than the person you have designated.

  2. A service fee per unaccompanied minor applies.

G. Meeting customers' essential needs during lengthy tarmac delays.

We will provide full and timely information regarding the status of a flight if there is an extreme delay after you have boarded or after the plane has landed. If safety and security conditions allow, we will provide for your essential needs such as food, drinking water, operating lavatory facilities, and access to medical treatment. For further information, refer to http://aeromexico.com/contigency-plan

H. Handling "bumped" passengers with fairness and consistency in case of oversales.

We will inform you, on request, if the flight on which you are ticketed is oversold. We will also provide information at airports about our policies and procedures for handling situations when all ticketed customers cannot be accommodated on a flight.

Our policies and procedures for treating you with fairness and consistency include:

  • Notifying you of required check-in times through our reservations phone line and at aeromexico.com

  • Letting you know, on request, if your flight is oversold through Reservations, Sales, or our airport customer service representatives.

  • Offering a transportation credit if you voluntarily give up your seat. These transportation credits can be used toward the purchase of another Aeromexico ticket to the destination of your choice.

  • Providing notification explaining our obligations and the compensation you will receive if you are involuntarily denied boarding.

  • Rebooking you on the first available Aeromexico flight to your ticketed destination if you are involuntarily denied boarding. (If an Aeromexico flight is not available, we will strive to provide comparable accommodation on another airline with which we have a ticketing agreement).

  • Providing meal allowances and hotel accommodations at Aeromexico-contracted facilities if you are away from home, are involuntarily bumped from a flight, and we are unable to accommodate you on an alternative flight on the same travel day. If hotel accommodations are unavailable, we will compensate you with a voucher equal in value to the contracted hotel rate.

I. Disclosing travel itinerary and other policies that affect your travel.

We will provide you with your travel itinerary, as well as timely and complete information about policies and procedures that affect your travel, including:

  • Providing frequent flyer details.
  1. We will make all important rules, restrictions, and redemption information available on aeromexico.com , in our Membership Guide & Program Rules, and in the information kits provided to new Club Premier Members.
  • Providing aircraft configuration, including seat size and pitch.
  1. We will provide in our itineraries the type of aircraft and also the operating carrier (in code share) at Aircraft Types and Layout, and through our reservation and airport agents.
  • Providing information concerning the important terms and conditions applicable to your travel. Our entire Contract of Carriage is available for your review on aeromexico.com

  • Changing aircraft on a flight that has a single flight number.

  1. We will inform you of this change before you book your reservation by telephone or online, and in writing with your ticket receipt.
  • In order to facilitate your check-in process for your reserved flight, we suggest arriving at the airport according to the following times:
  • *Minimum time limit. Failure to meet this requirement relieves the airline of any responsibility for flight protection or rerouting.

  • **For airports outside Mexico City, such as Cancun, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Tijuana, please consult any of our ticket offices for the minimum time to check in.

J. Ensuring good customer service from code-share partners.

  • We stand behind the services of our codeshare partners and we will strive to ensure that you receive excellent customer service whenever you travel with an Aeromexico ticket, including on flights operated by our codeshare partners.

  • We will publish a direct link in the Skyteam web site at aeromexico.com to our partner airlines' websites to provide current information on their policies and procedures.

K. Ensuring responses to customer complaints

We will acknowledge receipt of written customer complaints within 30 days of their receipt, and will send a substantive response within 60 days of receiving the complaint. For information about filing a complaint, go to Contact Us at aeromexico.com.

Notices for customers in the United States:

Our Customer Care office for the United States

Aeromexico Consumer Relations

3663 N. Sam Houston Parkway E. Ste. #500

Houston, TX 77032 USA

Fill out this form for general service inquiries

Complaints and comments about airline service (other than those related to safety or security, which should be submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration and the Transportation Security Administration, respectively) may be submitted to:

Aviation Consumer Protection Division, C-75

U.S. Department of Transportation

1200 New Jersey Ave, SE

Washington, DC 20590 USA.


L. Identifying the services Aeromexico provides to mitigate passenger inconveniences resulting from cancellations and misconnections.

In order to mitigate inconveniences to you resulting from cancellations and misconnections, we will:

  • Attempt to contact you, via contact information provided in your reservation or stored in your reservation or profile section of your Aeromexico Club Premier profile, about cancellations when the event is known at least two hours before departure, averting a frustrating trip to the airport.

  • Provide meal allowances and hotel accommodations at Aeromexico-contracted facilities, based on availability, if you are inconvenienced overnight while away from your home or destination due to a delay, misconnection, or cancellation within Aeromexico’s control. If accommodation is unavailable, we will compensate you with a transportation credit equal in value to the contracted hotel rate.