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Customers are notified of the following information regarding certain customer service provisions during a lengthy tarmac delayed flight

  • Deplaning of customers may occur in a safe and secure manner either at a terminal gate or at a designated aircraft parking position on airport grounds via stairs and airline sourced ground transportation to the airport building (if needed).
  • All customers who want to deplane from a lengthy tarmac delayed flight and who make alternative travel arrangements consistent with airline ticketing policies may do so when it is determined it is safe and secure, after the aircraft has been moved into position for deplaning, all operational requirements for deplaning have been completed, and the Captain in command has allowed customer deplaning to begin.
  • In most cases, the flight will continue to its destination after passengers’ deplaning has occurred, as Aeromexico’s customers continue to tell us that, generally, they want to get to their intended destination, even if their arrival will be delayed.
  • In instances where customers deplane at a remote aircraft parking position, re-boarding the aircraft will not be possible and will not be made available. In cases where an aircraft that has returned to a gate in accordance with the Plan, customers may be informed about how long the aircraft will remain at the gate to determine how much time (if any) customers may spend inside the airport building prior to having to re-board the aircraft for the continuation of the flight. Passengers need to keep their boarding passes with them to re-board when it is permitted.
  • Customers who chose to deplane and make alternative travel arrangements, consistent with airline ticketing policies, may be advised that in most cases their checked baggage will remain on the aircraft to the flight’s final destination. In cases where the flight returns to the gate and is cancelled, customers will be able to retrieve their checked luggage at the airport’s baggage claim facilities.
  • Depending on the circumstances of the delay, aircraft catering provisions, and local airport catering supplies, adequate food may only be a snack item such as a pretzel, and at the very least, customers will be offered drinking water, if not full beverage service. It is possible that if snack/meal and beverage service is provided on the ground during a delay event that certain snack/meal and beverage service will not be made available during the flight once the aircraft has departed.
  • All aircrafts covered by this plan have onboard lavatory service for customer use, and in accordance with this plan, customers will have access to operable aircraft lavatories, so long as the Captain-in-command has indicated it is safe and secure for customers to move about the aircraft cabin.
  • Aeromexico in-flight crew are trained to contact, coordinate and if necessary, utilize third party medical service providers, if available, to address customer needs during the flight or when an aircraft is experiencing a lengthy tarmac delay. In-flight crews will also coordinate with the Captain-in command of the flight should any customer require immediate medical assistance.
  • Customers are encouraged to make appropriate preparations for air travel, such as bringing essential needs onboard the aircraft in accordance with advised carry-on restrictions, including medicines and other medically required items, baby and child care products, and other items essential to personal health and communications requirements. Aeromexico, in most cases, will not have such products available for customers.

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