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Privacy Notice


Last update: June 29, 2018. 

In compliance with the Federal Law of Data Protection in Possession of Individuals, below please find out integral privacy notice:

1.-Data Controller. 

Aerovías de México S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter “Aeroméxico”), which address to hear and receive notices is Paseo de la Reforma No. 243, Piso 25, Colonia Cuauhtémoc, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 06500, in Mexico City, CDMX, is responsible for the processing and protection of your personal data and/or such of your child or pupil.


2.- Information on our privacy officer and how to contact her. 

Our privacy officer is the person inside Aeroméxico that in compliance with Article 30 of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, has been formally appointed to:

  • Process clients’ applications for the exercise of their rights.
  • Foster and look after personal data in our possession.

For all matters related to the processing and protection of your personal data and/or such of your child or pupil, which is provided by you, you may contact our privacy officer by e-mail at the following address: amdatospersonales@aeromexico.com


3.- Personal data collected by us. 

For purposes of item 4 (four) hereof, we will collect the following categories of personal data: (i) ID; (ii) contact; (iii) financial and (iv) sensitive information. In connection with the latter, we hereby inform you that:


3.1.- Sensitive personal data. 

We do not collect sensitive data directly or indirectly, but only upon your providing it personally in order to properly assist you in connection with air transportation service. Sensitive personal data that may be collected from you, is:

  • Impairments and/or reduced mobility.
  • Health conditions that shall be taken into consideration in order to fly, in the opinion of the doctor.
  • In case of pregnant women, information to know her gestation period.
  • Medical certificate for reimbursement applications.

It will be necessary to have your prior express and written consent by signing this privacy notice, which will be delivered to you personally. This sensitive personal data will be processed under strict security and confidentiality measures, making reasonable efforts in order that the processing period thereof is the minimum indispensable.


3.2.- Personal data of minors and legally incapable persons.

We hereby inform you that it is of our special interest to take care of minors and legally incapable persons’ personal data.

Minors’ personal data shall be provided, without exception, by the father, mother or tutor, and shall be processed and protected under strict security and confidentiality measures.


3.3.- Third parties’ personal data.

In the event that you provide us with personal data of third parties, you shall have the prior consent thereof, and inform them of the site where they may find and know the content of this integral privacy notice.


4.- Purpose of personal data collection.

Personal data is collected for the following primary and secondary purposes:

a) Primary.- Purposes that result in, and are necessary for the legal relationship between you and Aeroméxico:

  • Identify and contact you.
  • Provide you with the information requested by you, prepare quotes, reservations, purchases, cancellations, changes and ticket collections.
  • Air transportation to national and international destinations.
  • Notify you of flight delays, cancellations and confirmations.
  • Payment of excess baggage.
  • Access to Priority Lounges.
  • Grant you the benefits offered by Aeroméxico.
  • Baggage collection.
  • Search and deliver delayed or forgotten baggage.
  • Prevention, investigation and attention to fraudulent and/or other kind of criminal activity.
  • Issue the applicable tax invoices for the payment of services hired.
  • Attend advisories and consultancies through chat and/or any other means.
  • Assist clients with inquiries, comments and complaints regarding their flight.
  • Try to provide you with quality telephone assistance, for which we may record the calls received.
  • Purchase additional services.
  • Report passenger incidents and accidents upon occurring.
  • Follow-up and, if applicable, pay such amounts arising from complaints, set-offs, discounts or reimbursements.
  • Document control data of an unaccompanied minor and provide her with the applicable service
  • Inform you of the menu options onboard, in order that you select the one of your preference.
  • Regulatory and/or contractual performance.

In case of sensitive personal data, it will be used to evidence the transportation information of a sick person or pregnant woman and provide them with the following services: travel assistance and support; priority boarding and exiting the airplane; wheelchairs in different modalities; therapeutic oxygen cylinders; use of respiratory assistance devices; driving to, and boarding the airplane, moving to and from their seat, exiting and moving to the baggage drop-off area and assistance with special requirements.

b) Secondary-. Different purposes that do not give rise to the legal relationship between you and Aeroméxico, but are of the utmost importance to provide you with a better service and achieve our legitimate commercial interests:

  • Surveys, assessment and follow-up of air transportation services.
  • Contact you in order to know your opinion and experience of your flight.
  • Inform and/or offer you our own or third parties’ products, services and promotions.
  • Marketing, advertising and commercial forecast, profiling.
  • Enable you to participate in our contests and/or lotteries.


4.1.- Non-acceptance of personal data processing for secondary purposes.

In the event that you do not want your personal data to be processed for all or some of the secondary purposes above, you may not grant your consent as of such time, by sending your application to our privacy officer, who shall inform you of the procedure to be followed to exercise your right. Your rejection of the foregoing will not be reason for us to deny our services and products requested or hired with us.


5.- Transfer of personal data.

In order to comply with the primary purposes set forth in item 4 (four) hereof, personal data may be transferred to the following individuals or entities, without legally requiring their consent in terms of Article 37 of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals:

  • International companies with which we have a code sharing and/or which are part of the Sky Team alliance or any other international organization, in order to provide you with the hired air transportation and grant you benefits.
  • Latin American and Caribbean Air Transportation Association (LACATA), with whom we have executed an agreement of your interest, since this transfer has the purpose to prevent fraudulent transactions with credit cards. Only your e-mail and the first 6 numbers of your card are transferred.
  • The Universal Air Travel Plan, Inc. (UATP), to prevent or assist with fraudulent transactions with corporate prepaid cards. UATP may at the same time, transfer such information to the Airlines affected by the fraudulent, patrimonial or sensitive activity. No personal, financial, patrimonial or sensitive information of yours shall be transferred.
  • Sabre Sociedad Tecnológica, S. de R.L. de C.V., Sabre Travel Network, and companies of the same group, in order to make the applicable airplane ticket reservations. Aeroméxico uses these companies’ systems for such purposes.
  • Companies or institutions with which we have or will execute an agreement of your interest, in order to grant you benefits.
  • National or foreign third parties with which we have executed an agreement of your interest, as required, to inform you, follow-up and pay the applicable amounts of admissible claims. Therefore, it is necessary that the data controller may identify and contact you.
  • Car rental companies, in order to provide you with the ground transportation service, provided that you elected to hire such service.
  • Foreign governmental authorities, in order to fulfill their requirements on passenger registry.
  • Restaurants and/or hotels, in order to bring you food and/or lodging in case you have been affected by any operative irregularity.
  • Airlines with access to the World Tracer (baggage tracking system) and courier companies, in order to search for the baggage delayed or the owner thereof, as well as to deliver it.
  • Migration and customs of the country of origin and the countries of destination, in order to comply with the applicable legal provisions.
  • Authorities, in order to comply with the legal provisions, as well as for the clarification of incidents and/or exercise of any right.
  • Companies that are part of Grupo Aeroméxico, which operate under our same processes and internal policies, in order to provide you with a better service and comply with our internal regulation.

Likewise, such identification and contact personal data may be transferred to the following entities, in which case we do require consent thereof:

  • Commercial companies, for commercial prospection and sale of products or services of our own or such companies’.
  • Promotion, marketing and advertising companies in order to conduct studies, market surveys, advertise and inform you of travel, destination and tickets promotions.
  • Financial companies, in order to offer you their products and services or co-branding.
  • Tourism companies, in order to promote their hospitality services and offer them in national and international destinations.

If you do not express your denial for us to make this transfer(s), we will deem your consent granted. You may express denial as of this time by sending an e-mail to our privacy officer, who will inform you of the procedure to be followed in order that you exercise your right.


6.- ARCO Rights.

In terms of the applicable regulation, you have the right to know what personal data we have, what it is used for and the conditions of use thereof (Acces). Likewise, it is your right to request correction of your personal information in the event that it is not updated or it is inaccurate or incomplete (Rectification); that we delete it from our records or data bases when you consider that it is not being used properly (Cancellation); as well as to oppose to the use of your personal data for specific purposes (Objection). These rights are known as ARCO rights.

To exercise any of the ARCO rights, you shall submit the relevant application by e-mail addressed to our privacy officer, who will inform you of the procedure and requirements for the exercise of such rights, response periods, the manner in which we will make your right effective, and assist you with any inquiry, complaint or comment in connection with the foregoing.


7.- Mechanism and procedure to revoke your consent.

In terms of the applicable regulation, you may revoke the consent that you have granted us previously, if applicable. However, it is important that you consider that, not in every case your request will be admissible, or that we will terminate the use of data immediately, since it is possible that under any obligation we are required to continue processing your personal data.

In order to revoke your consent, you shall submit the relevant application by e-mail addressed to our privacy officer, who will inform you of the procedure and requirements for the exercise of this right, response periods, the manner in which we will make your right effective, and assist you with any inquiry, complaint or comment in connection with the foregoing.


8.- Options to limit personal data use or dissemination.

In addition to the procedure and exercise of the rights set forth in items 6 (six) and 7 (seven) of this privacy notice, you may limit the use or dissemination of personal data in any of the following manners:

  • For e-mails sent with promotional, marketing and/or advertising purposes, you may express denial by clicking on the link to cancel your subscription, which will be accompanied with each e-mail, which is located at the bottom thereof.
  • Likewise, you may send an e-mail to our privacy officer whereby you request your enrollment to the “Aeroméxico Advertising Exclusion List”, in order that we do not use your personal information for promotional, advertising and/or marketing purposes. For further information on the foregoing, you may contact our privacy officer.
  •          Likewise, you may enroll to the Public Registry to avoid Advertising of the Federal Consumer Agency (PROFECO for its initials in Spanish). Regarding this last option, you may obtain information contacting the PROFECO directly or clicking on the following link: www.rpc.profeco.gob.mx.


9.- Use of cookies and web beacons.

We hereby inform you that we have electronic technologies (cookies and web beacons), which allow us to collect your data electronically and simultaneously at the time you contact us through our website: www.aeromexico.com

We collect the following data:

  • Information on your type of browser.
  • Information of the hour and period that you remained in our webpage.
  • Sections visited in our website.
  • Information on the websites you visited prior to visiting: www.aeromexico.com
  • Information on the pages visited after: www.aeromexico.com
  • Your IP address.

We use this data for the following secondary purposes to:

  • Send information to your e-mail relating to our current and new destinations.
  • Send advertising relating to your likes and preferences.
  • Send you the information on our discounts, packages and promotions.
  • Offer you new products, destinations and services based on your preferences.

Data collected through these technologies will be exclusively used by Aeroméxico; therefore, such data will not be subject to national or international transfers.

You may disable the use of these technologies at any time. You may consult this procedure in our cookies policy located in our website https://world.aeromexico.com/en/travel-with-aeromexico/preparing-your-trip/regulations-and-policies/cookie-policy/


10.- Amendments to this privacy notice.

We reserve the right to amend or update this privacy notice at any time, based upon legal novelties, internal policies or new requirements for the procurement or offering of our services or products. The updated version hereof will be available to the public through any of the following means:

  • Visible advertising in our establishments.
  • At our website, which we suggest you to visit frequently.
  • We may send it to you at the last e-mail provided by you.

The procedure regarding the notice through our website, is the following: (i) Visit www.aeromexico.com. In case of modifications or updates to this Privacy Notice, there will be a notice informing thereof; (ii) click on the Privacy Notice link; (iii) you will find the current version with the last update.


11.- Unlawful use of personal data.

If you consider that your right to data protection has been breached by any conduct or omission of ours, or you presume any violation to the provisions of the Federal Law for Data Protection in Possession of Individuals, its Regulation and other applicable provisions, you may file a complaint or claim before the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (INAI for its initials in Spanish). For further information, we suggest you visit its official website www.inai.org.mx