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Seat choice

Our new service lets you choose a specific seat when booking your trip, whether you are traveling alone or want to travel seated next to each other as a family or group.

If you prefer not to choose your seat during booking, you can still choose any available seat at no cost* during check-in (whether mobile or Web check-in up to 24 hours before flight departure for international itineraries and 48 hours for flights within Mexico, or at airport kiosks and counters)

Select your seat for a fee on the following routes and fare families:

  • Europe (Economica and Clasica fare families)
  • Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia (Economica)
  • Canada (Economica)
  • Central America and Caribbean (Economica)
  • Mexico (Economica)

If you are a Platinum or Titanium member, please contact our Call Center and to choose your seat at no cost*, at any time from the moment your purchase your flight up to the time of check-in.


  • Prices apply per flight segment and may vary.
  • Free seat selection during check-in does not include free AM Plus upgrade or exit row seating
  • If you purchase a Flexible Fare Family ticket (fare type Y, B and M), you may choose your seat at no cost at anytime from purchase until check-in.
  • Fee does not apply to Clase Premier.
  • Fees do not apply on segments between the United States and Mexico, but do apply on connecting flight segments within/beyond Mexico as shown above.