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Flying with Infants

Flying with Infants

In the airline industry, an "infant" is defined as a passenger under two years of age as of the date of the flight who does not occupy their own seat but rather travels in the lap of a parent or guardian.

Although sometimes it's thought that infants travel completely free of charge since they don't occupy a seat on the plane, there are actually some applicable fees, such as taxes and ticket printing costs, before your little one can fly. If you'll be traveling with an infant, make sure to confirm the applicable fare when reserving or buying your tickets.

These fees apply only to international flights, not for domestic flights.

Aeromexico staff will request that you present the infant's passport in order to verify their age, and you should also present their ticket. Only one infant per adult can travel without a seat. In the event that an adult is traveling with more than one infant, a small fee based on the amount payable to the adult will be charged for each additional infant, who must occupy a seat.

We know that traveling with small children or babies means having to carry on additional suitcases and bags, so for each infant who travels, you have the right to carry on one piece of luggage besides the stroller or bassinet, not to exceed 20 kg (44 pounds) in weight or 1.15 m (45 inches) in size. This exception applies to weight and piece systems. Click here for information on our baggage policy.