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Passengers with disabilities

Passengers with disabilities

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Welcome on board

To our customers with disabilities or special needs
 Aeromexico would like to thank you for choosing us and inform you about the services that our airlines Aeromexico, Aeromexico Connect and Aeromexico Travel, (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Aeromexico”) can offer you to make your trip a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

As there are many disabilities that are not visible, we rely on the information you provide us to give you the best service fitting your needs. To avoid making you uncomfortable with questions regarding your disability, we would appreciate you letting us know which services you need to make your trip a pleasant one. Except for a few cases that require special assistance (*), our services for customers with disabilities are free of charge. You can contact our Call Center to inquire about the services we offer at an additional cost. Note that services such as on-board therapeutic oxygen, oxygen concentrator, gurney, and incubator, may incur additional charges depending on the equipment or space required and the itinerary.


Air Carrier Access Act 

The US Air Carrier Access Act (hereinafter “ACAA”, 49 U.S.C. A41705) prohibits discrimination in air transportation by domestic and foreign air carriers against qualified individuals with physical or mental impairments.
The US Department of Transportation (DOT), interprets and implements the ACAA by issuing Regulations 14 CFR Part 382, (hereafter the “Regulations”), which became effective on May 13, 2009.
To download the PDF version of the Regulations and to contact DOT, click here, but you may obtain a copy of this regulation in an accessible format from the Department of Transportation by any of the following means:



By telephone: Toll-Free Hotline for Air Travelers with Disabilities
1-800-778-4838 (voice)
888-534-3072 (TTY)
By telephone: Aviation Consumer Protection Division
202-366-2220 (voice)
202-366-0511 (TTY)
By mail: Air Consumer Protection Division
C-75, US Dept of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Ave., SE.
West Building, Room W96-432
Washington, DC 20590
By web: Aviation Consumer Protection Division’s Web site

Services Provided 

Accessibility and Assistance
Aeromexico offers a range of services for its customers with disabilities. Give us an opportunity to make your trip a comfortable experience. Welcome on board!
I. Assistance at the Airport
We are aware that you will probably require special services upon your arrival at the airport, and we do our best to offer them to you. Continue reading to find out more about our services so that you can request them with sufficient advance notice.

Services for Passengers with Disabilities

  Wheelchairs Signs Braille System**
Ramps Elevators W.C.
Public Telephones Waiting Room
Pet Relief Area
 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
JFK yes yes yes yes yes yes yes No exclusive area yes
LAS yes yes


yes yes yes yes yes yes
LAX yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
MCO yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
ORD yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
PHX yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
SFO yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
SAT yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
SJD yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Note: Please consider this a general guide. Services are the responsibility of the airport administration and they may vary.

II. Flight Information
Aeromexico has flight information screens at various airports. Our staff in waiting areas and at gates are constantly announcing our flights, including boarding information and any irregularities in the itinerary. Should you require assistance, please notify our staff upon arrival at the gate; they will keep you informed.
III. Safety Measures
By official provision, passengers must go through security checks when entering waiting and boarding areas.
IV. Reservations
Reservation Requirements

One of our goals is to meet the needs of our passengers with disabilities. That is why sometimes we need you to alert us in advance if you require assistance or complementary services, or you can provide a doctor’s certificate stating that you are fit to travel to your destination.
You can contact us at the numbers above. Our goal is to make your trip a pleasurable experience, and the sooner you make your reservations, the longer we have to prepare your flight and work to meet your needs.

IV. 1 Services that must be Requested in Advance

The following services must be requested in advance:
  • Supplementary oxygen during a flight, whether supplied by Aeromexico (additional charges for this service) or with a portable oxygen concentrator.
  • Gurneys (specific airfare for this service).
  • Incubator.
  • Crib (available only in certain aircrafts).
In addition, service specified in section IV.4 below must be requested in advance.
IV. 2 Services that Do Not Have to be Requested in Advance
The following are services that do not have to be requested in advance. However, should you need them, we would appreciate if you request them as soon as possible so that we can provide you the best service.
  • Children over 5 traveling alone.
  • Wheelchair service. We offer three types of wheelchairs: one to go from the counter area to gates; one to take you to and from your seat in the aircraft; and one to move easily inside the aircraft (applicable only on Embraer 190 and Boeing 737/777 aircraft).
  • Travel with pets. Dogs, cats and birds are permitted and they must be checked in the load compartment.
  • Certified, professionally trained service animals that assist customers with disabilities. In some cases, a certificate stating that the animal is trained to assist the customer with a disability may be requested. These animals can travel on board next to the customer with a disability. According to applicable Health and Aviation regulations, transportation of animals in the passenger cabin is allowed only for guide dogs and some service animals accompanying customers with disabilities. Animals that may pose a threat to the health or safety of passengers and crew are not permitted, such as reptiles, ferrets, spiders, rodents, ponies, pigs and/or monkeys that, because of their size or health restrictions, cannot be admitted in the passenger cabin.
Guide dogs traveling with a passenger with a disability must be vaccinated, clean and on a leash. If you are traveling with a service animal, you must provide a certificate on your doctor’s letterhead, stating that you require the services of this animal due to your condition. This certificate must be issued no more than a year before your travel date. You must also consider that your service animal must fulfill local requirements or your destination(s).

IV. 3 Services Requiring Advanced Check-In
We appreciate it if you inform us 48 hours in advance and check in an additional hour before the minimum required time on the day of your departure. Please consider that airport security checks and pre-boarding processes may require that you check in earlier if:
  • You need to use your own FAA-approved portable oxygen concentrator during the flight.
  • You need to check in a dry battery-operated wheelchair according to the terms of section IV.5 below.
  • You are traveling with a group of ten or more passengers with disabilities. This is not mandatory; however, it will help us provide you with better service.

While we do not request information regarding your disabilities, we will be able to assist you better if you provide us detailed information concerning your needs. Our Reservations Agents are willing to help document your specific needs.

IV. 4 Services Requiring Medical Certificates
In some cases, you might be asked to present a certificate issued by your doctor. When purchasing your ticket, please tell the Reservations Agent if you are in one of the following situations:
  • You require onboard medical oxygen. In this case, your medical certificate must state that you require oxygen and it must specify the required flow rate. We can provide you with Aeromexico’s equipment for an additional charge.
  • You must travel with your own oxygen concentrator (only FAA-approved)
  • You need to travel on a gurney
  • You must travel with a baby or infant in an incubator.
  • You have a contagious infection or disease.
  • You suffer from a health problem that may pose a reasonable risk to the completion of your flight, without the need for special medical assistance.
  • Brain damage. Depending on each case, we may require that the passenger be accompanied during the flight.
  • Coma. In addition to the medical certificate, a passenger in a coma can travel only when accompanied by a relative or an assistant.
  • Terminal disease due to various causes. In addition to the medical certificate, the passenger may be required to travel accompanied.
  • Epilepsy. Depending on each case, the passenger may be required to travel accompanied.
  • Contagious or infectious disease. Travel will be prohibited if the disease is easily transmitted in closed environments such as the passenger cabin. If the disease involves severe health consequences for the rest of the passengers, the medical certificate must specify any conditions or precautions to avoid transmission and it must clearly state if the infection or disease can be transmitted to other individuals onboard.

If any of the previous conditions apply to you, please ask your doctor to issue a medical certificate no more than ten days before the date of your flight.

Our goal is to satisfy your travel needs and care for the health and safety all our customers.
IV. 5 Wheelchair Service
IV. 5.1 Wheelchair Provided by Aeromexico

Wheelchair at the airport: We offer wheelchair services at every airport where we operate. If you require this service, please alert us when you make your reservation. We offer this service from the check-in counters at your departing airport to your seat in the aircraft and upon your arrival to take you into the airport to your connecting flight or airline or to complete your arrival, including reclaiming your checked-in baggage.

Wheelchair inside the aircraft: On board Embraer 190 and Boeing 737/767/777 aircraft we have two types of wheelchairs available: to go from the aircraft door to your seat and from your seat to the lavatory. Flight attendants will help you use the wheelchair; however, due to safety reasons they are not required  to lift you.

Instructions for my wheelchair

IV. 5.2 Passenger Wheelchair Acceptance.

You can register your wheelchair during your check-in or at the boarding gate. If your motorized equipment needs to be disassembled before traveling, please do so on check-in according to the terms of section VI.3 above, so that we can ensure that it is handled properly. You can use our wheelchairs after checking in your own. Any items that can be removed from the wheelchair, such as seat cushions and foot rests, can be taken on board or checked in with the wheelchair in the baggage compartment.

Electric wheelchairs that fit vertically through the aircraft’s baggage compartment door and use a no-leak battery do not have to be disassembled as long as we ensure that the battery terminals are isolated to prevent a short circuit. Our staff may need directions to disassemble a wheelchair; make sure you have an instruction manual with you or provide a brief description of the steps to follow on the form we provide you that is submitted to our counter staff when checking in.

Wheelchairs and other motor aid equipment running on no-leak batteries can be stored vertically in the aircraft’s baggage compartment without removing the battery, as long as:

1.    The wheelchair or aid device has at least one efficient way to avoid accidental activation or a possible short circuit. Otherwise, the battery wire terminals must be unplugged and isolated to avoid short circuits.
2.    The battery is firmly fixed to the wheelchair or aid device for transportation.

IMPORTANT: National and international standards authorize air transportation of no-leak battery-operated wheelchairs as checked-in baggage. Aeromexico can only carry no-leak batteries; therefore, it is necessary to remove lead acid and lithium ion batteries, which are classified by International Regulations as hazardous goods for air transportation. Remember to attach to your wheelchair the assembly/disassembly instructions and the type of battery it uses.

If you are connecting with another flight, please inform us if you prefer to use your own wheelchair. However, we recommend that you use our wheelchair service because the time between flights may not be enough to assemble and disassemble your wheelchair or device.

IV. 6 Seats.
Aeromexico offers you seats with mobile arm rests that allow passengers with wheelchairs to move easily to and from their seats. You can request your seat when reserving your flight. We recommend that you reserve your seat as soon as possible, because it could be assigned to another passenger, and the number and location of these seats may vary depending on the aircraft model. Please check availability.
V. Baggage.
In addition to the baggage allowed, passengers with disabilities can check in their assistance and mobility devices, such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and crutches free of charge.
Likewise, in addition to their carry-on baggage, passengers with disabilities can carry an assistance device that they may require during their flight, as long as it can be stored in areas authorized by aviation authorities. This benefit applies exclusively to passengers with disabilities.
VI. Onboard Assistance
Our flight attendants are trained to help you on board our aircraft. They can provide you information and services you need—put away your belongings, identify and open your food. Please note that flight attendants are not authorized to help you eat, assist you in the lavatory, attend physiological needs at your seat or provide medical services.

VII. Onboard Information
Passengers will be given personalized safety instructions and information regarding the flight through close-captioned videos as well as Braille safety instruction brochures.
VIII. Safety Checks
Mexico’s Ministry of Communications and Transport and the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) require that our passengers, including customers with disabilities who travel alone or with guide dogs or service animals, go through airport safety checks.
IX. Additional Information
Please read the information we have prepared for you at the “other special services”.