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On-time Performance and Completion Rate


  • Always on Time

Aeromexico: 89%
Aeromexico Connect: 79%

Given that we are a world class carrier and the number one airline in Mexico, Aeromexico’s commitment to improving the quality of each service we offer is a job that requires determination and effort, which is why making sure your flight arrives on time is one of our top priorities, and in 2014, we delivered.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Aeromexico ranked third in regional on-time departures at December 2014 by posting an on-time arrival rate of 89.14% (10 points above the general average), thus surpassing many of the top U.S. airlines, while Aeromexico Connect ranked eighth with an on-time arrival rate of 79.89%.

  • Completion Rate

Aeromexico: 99%
Aeromexico Connect: 98%

Of course, our efficiency does not end with our on-time performance, as reliability is another one of our core factors. At December 2014, Aeromexico’s completion factor (the percentage of scheduled flights completed) was 99.56%, ranking number three once again.

Aeromexico Connect was ranked number one among regional airlines with a completion rate of 98.59%, one percentage point above its November 2014 figure.


  • Full Service

Aeromexico has led the airport baggage delivery report for several years, with a considerable reduction compared to previous years. At December 2014, Grupo Aeroméxico recorded only 2.16 mishandled baggage reports for every 1,000 passengers, ranking fourth among airlines offering fewer connection options.